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Two days Workshop Autumn Yin Sadhana by Anoshe Overington  - 8 and 9 oktober 2016 - Yogamoves in Utrecht


Autumn is the energy of Metal, the time when nature sheds its leaves and lets go of the rubbish, it no longer needs. With those leaves it produces its own compost, enriching the soil, ensuring the next cycle has the nutrients it needs for growth. The quality of Metal gives us back connection to ourselves, and real connection to others.

We will practice floor-oriented Yin poses and slow flow yang yoga, to offer ourselves optimal balance, nurturing our Lung and Large Intestine meridians which belong to autumn. If you have done a Yin Sadhana before, you are going to learn new practices. From this course you will receive a greater understanding of Organ Health, the Chinese Meridians and the emotions connected to the Organs. You will learn new Chi Kung practices and series which open the meridians , when mastered can be used in Yin classes, or can become part of your own home Yin-Yoga practice, especially for long yin meridian Tai Yin.

Anoshe Overington

Anoshe is a certified (ERYT-500) Vinyasa yoga and Yin Yoga teacher 

Yin Yoga

One quality you develop in Yin-Yoga is a surrender to the pose and an acceptance of whatever you may experience in the moment, as we stay longer in a pose than in the Yang styles of yoga. Breath work and Pranayama will also be practised to deepen openness and wakefulness, as well as mindfulness and meditation. You will learn different techniques, some while sitting, some while moving, so you can discover which suit you best, nurturing yourselves. Further we will explore the emotions which are connected to the organ pairs, so we begin to understand the signs of our imbalances, or harmony.


Sadhana means a Path or Practice one chooses to transform oneself, transform into a person who has greater understanding of themselves and the world around them, and in this course you will investigate which tools suit you personally to incorporate into your own Sadhana.
We will attempt to become more and more present, moment to moment during our practice, and you will be encouraged to then take this experience off the mat and into your daily life. Authentic transformation or change, then has a good chance to take place.


Anoshes’ spiritual quest began after she took her first yoga class in 1982 in her birthplace Amsterdam. Besides yoga, she studied dance, Tai chi, Bharat Natyam and many other forms of moving meditation. She also frequently travels to India, Kashmir, Hawaii & Europe to be with her teachers in silent meditation retreats. She understands the profound effect of silent meditation, which influences her yoga teaching. www.stillnessinyoga.net

Yogales met TONI CHILDS - Because you're beautiful -Yoga Point Leidsche Rijn - Dinsdag 28 juni 2016 - Toni Childs en Mik la Vage

Toni Childs has been travelling across the globe offering very deep and joyous Yoga classes that are a mix of movement, Yin Yoga, meditation and sound-shower / singing performance that leaves all participants in a state of deep connection with their inner beauty with amazing results. She has visited Yoga communities in many parts of Australia, Bali, Hawaii and NZ and in 2016 she will be covering Europe, Africa and mainland USA.

It is an honour for Yoga Point to bring these classes to Utrecht!

Johann Kotze, yoga teacher and musician in Cape Town wrote after attending...

"I attended a session yesterday in Durban and Toni Childs was phenomenal. She has such a spectacular voice and is a powerful medicine woman. A must for yoga teachers and dance/movement  therapy people. This is an impactful event on a workshop level. A rare opportunity. And Mik’s musical contribution is subtle but massive."

To learn more about our class please go to:

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Deze yogaclass van Toni Childs was een bijzondere ervaring en een geweldige energieboost met een mix van yogahoudingen, dans, meditatie en muziek!


An American-Australian singer-song writer and yogateacher


Workshop Balance van Zdenka Cucin bij Yogapoint Leidsche Rijn - 14 februari 2016

Balans is het bestaansfundament van onze natuur. Het beoefenen van yoga is vele duizenden jaren geleden ontstaan. Balans is niet alleen een onderdeel van yogahoudingen maar ook een groot onderdeel van de yogafilosofie waarin het leven in balans als levenswijze rust en tevredenheid brengt.

Deze 2 uur durende filosofische en fysieke workshop helpt je balans en onbalans te begrijpen in je dagelijkse leven. We gebruiken non-dualisme om energie, emoties, gewoonten en yogahoudingen uit te lijnen. We spelen met kleine overgangen van de ene gedachte of houding naar de andere. Je leert technieken om je balans te verbeteren en de voordelen van balans houdingen te ervaren, waarbij het hebben van plezier uitgangspunt is. Het is geschikt voor alle niveaus.


In de Workshop vertelt Zdenka over verschillende vormen van Balans:

Balans van het fysieke lichaam: het bewust gebruiken van gewrichten en spieren brengt balans, verbetert de lichaamshouding en vermindert fysieke klachten.

Balans in bewustzijn: het bewust ademhalen brengt rust en innerlijk bewustzijn. Ademhalen geeft je woorden te kiezen en bij jezelf te blijven. Kijk naar jezelf, is dit echt wat ik wil?

Balans in handelen: het bewust observeren geeft je antwoorden voor jou handelen uit het hart.

Inzicht - hoe zit het in elkaar. Accepteren - durven loslaten. Ontwikkelen - jezelf leren kennen.

Leven is een balans van vasthouden en laten gaan .................  Thanks Zdenka!


"There are just few things in life that we can't control and there are just few things that we really need. Everything else is just matter of hard work, focus, balance and honesty."   Zdenka Cucin



Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

Albert Einstein